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Gender: Female
Year of birth: 1984
Lives in: Flat
Country: United Kingdom
Number of adults in household: 2
Number of children in household: 0
Occupation: Admin
Design style: Modern with classic pieces, and lots of objects from all over the world.
Interior design skills: Amateur
Last login: 2013-07-07
Member since: 2009-05-02
Forum posts: 0

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Norham Gardens, Oxford

This is my (and my boyfriend's!) flat on Norham Gardens, Oxford. It's rented, so we can't change very much. Also, having just started working, we have relatively little money to spend on furniture ...
Tags: flat
By: bonbongirl | Number of images:10 | Created: 2009-05-02 | Updated: 2009-05-02

A new sofa/couch?

I love our cheapo Ikea sofa, but after almost two years of pretty heavy use it creaks and has started to feel like it's just going to fall apart soon. So I'm kind of thinking I should get a new one...
Tags: living room
By: bonbongirl | Number of images:1 | Created: 2009-05-09 | Updated: 2009-05-14

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My house

pictures of our kitchen, dining room and bathroom.
Tags: kitchen, dining room, bathroom
By: Jennie | Number of images:8 | Created: 2009-03-26 | Updated: 2009-03-28


Student room

By: misskittykat | Number of images:8 | Created: 2009-01-19 | Updated: 2009-05-02

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