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Gender: Female
Year of birth: 1989
Lives in: House
Country: United Kingdom
Number of adults in household: 3
Number of children in household: 2
Occupation: Student
Interests: Interior design, music, art, sculpture, fashion, vintage.
Renovate skills: Amateur
Interior design skills: Amateur
Last login: 2009-07-31
Member since: 2009-05-04
Forum posts: 1

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My Bedroom

My very small bedroom needed decorating. I wanted it to be light, cosy and incorporate some ethnic elements from things I have picked up travelling. What do you think?
Tags: bedroom, neutrals, ethnic
By: annarachel | Number of images:4 | Created: 2009-05-04 | Updated: 2009-05-04

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No blog posts.

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My flat

Tags: livingroom, bedroom
By: Roxy | Number of images:2 | Created: 2009-04-08 | Updated: 2009-04-08


Norham Gardens, Oxford

This is my (and my boyfriend's!) flat on Norham Gardens, Oxford. It's rented, so we can't change very much. Also, having just started working, we have relatively little money to spend on furniture ...
Tags: flat
By: bonbongirl | Number of images:10 | Created: 2009-05-02 | Updated: 2009-05-02

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