Interview with Chez Larsson

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Interview with Chez Larsson

Number of visits: 1911

Name: Benita Larsson
Occupation: Blogger and Visual Merchandiser
Where do you live: Sweden

Are you currently undergoing any renovation project?
We need to repaint one wall of the outside panels. The outside lock needs changing as well.

What was your latest purchase for your home?
Some amazing green wallpaper for the sliding doors to our wardrobe next to the bedroom.

Describe your style with three words
White, colourful and comfortable.

What are your favourite shops? and ebay but it tends to get too expensive with deliveries from abroad. My favourite shops in London are Habitat, Paperchase, Muji, The White Company, Labour & Wait and Cath Kidston.

Which celebrity home would you like to visit?
Martha Stewart. I love what Martha is doing and I’ve got every single issue of Martha Stewart Living since it started in 1990! I would love to visit her home to see if it actually looks like it does in the pictures. People always ask me if our home is as tidy as it looks in our photos (and it is) so it would be interesting to know how it looks like when the photographer isn’t there?

Have you got any favourite albums on StyleRoom?
I have just joined so not yet

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