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Interview with Sarah Prince on taking part in ITV's new TV home show

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Name: Sarah Prince
Occupation: Account Manager
Where do you live: UK

Tell us about how you came across taking part in ITV’s new TV show Home Gift?
The production team on the program saw our album on StyleRoom and contacted us to see if we would be interested in taking part

What is the programme about?
3 interior “celebs” come to your house and take a nose around. They then get a budget to buy you a gift – having not met you! You then return to see the gifts in situ and choose your favourite – without knowing who it is from or the price!

What gifts where offered and which one did you chose and why?
Cusions & throw
Chinese wall hanging

We chose the curtains as they really fitted in with our lounge & added some colour to an otherwise very neutral room. Loved the raw silk and detail on them. Probably would not have chosen them but seeing them in our lounge – they just work. Also cushions/throw were vile so really down to choice of 2

Did you meet Lawrence Llwellyn-Bowen? Is he as flamboyant and eccentric off camera as he’s on camera?
Yes yes yes! Although he does or course play it up for the cameras. He was lovely as such good fun. He does not take himself to serious and it was hard to keep a straight face some of the time

Any TV gossip you can tell us about?
No – other than my secret little crush on Lawrence!

Describe your style with three words?
Modern, Ecletic, uncluttered

What was your latest purchase for your home?
Cream leather sofa

What are your favourite shops for your home?
Antique shops in Hampton court, Zara Home has some lovely bits, Maison on Richmond Hill

Which celebrity home would you like to visit?
Kevin Spacey oooh & Brad Pitt- if I could stay for tea!

Have you got any favourite albums on StyleRoom?
The childrens bedroom – so simply yet bright

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