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Interview with Regan Murray on taking part in ITV's new TV home show

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Name: Regan Murray
Occupation: Advertising Consultant
Where do you live: UK

Tell us about how you came across taking part in ITV’s new TV show Home Gift?
ITV had spotted the pictures of our flat on StyleRoom and posted up a request to feature us in a new show.

What is the programme about?
Three industry experts are pitched against each other to buy the perfect ‘house gift’ for the homeowner based on their perception of their taste and style. They all have different budgets ranging from £80 - £1000 to test their abilities further!

What gifts where offered and which one did you chose and why?
We had three fab gifts presented to us, a painting on canvas, art deco style console table and starburst mirror and some very bold wallpaper on one wall of our living room.

During the interview process for the show both Alex and I were very keen to choose something with a ‘WOW’ factor, something we would never choose for ourselves and for us this was really the console table and mirror.

Did you meet Lawrence Llwellyn-Bowen? Is he as flamboyant and eccentric off camera as he’s on camera?
He is exactly the same off camera as one camera – very charming and has no regard for rules and authority, he does exactly as he pleases!

Describe your style with three words?
Classic, cosy, chic

What was your latest purchase for your home?
We haven’t bought anything since the show but have our eye on some really fab pictures from RevelLoyd – and so might have a wander down during the bank holiday.

What are your favourite shops for your home?
RevelLloyd and Heals are probably the two staples for us.

Which celebrity home would you like to visit?
I wouldn’t mind having a look at LLB’s and see if he has the same wallpaper as us ?

Have you got any favourite albums on StyleRoom?
I like the ones which have a good use of space as I love cosy environments and so ‘Small but nice’ and ‘Our Little Bathroom’ are really cute.

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