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My 3 bedroom house (UK)

I Created by cat, 2009-07-01


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Album updated 2009-08-30

New photos of purchases from habitat.

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Album description:

This was the house i moved into when i met my husband, at the time it was a lads pad and not very well looked after so i think ive put my stamp on the place. Its always being updated in someway (im currently painting my bedroom-waiting for paint to dry at the mo!!). Its likely that we will be moving next year to a house that is currently stuck in a 1970s time warp so im sure this site here will be much needed!

Image 1 - living room, sofa, coffee table, fireplace, mirror

Living room


living room, sofa, coffee table, fireplace, mirror

Image 2 - kitchen




Image 3 - conservatory, dining table, dining chairs, blinds



conservatory, dining table, dining chairs, blinds

Image 4 - bedroom, bed, bedside tables

spare bedroom


bedroom, bed, bedside tables

Image 5 - bathroom




Image 6 - kitchen




Image 7 - garden, conservatory



garden, conservatory

Image 8 - cat door stop

This door stop came from a little independant shop that makes all handmade items for the home, my fave place- i could buy the whole lot!


cat door stop

Image 9 - cat door stop

As you can see im a cat person. I found this in the laura ashley sale.


cat door stop

Image 10 - table lamp

This is my favourite table lamp, and a bargain reduced from £75 down to £35.


table lamp

Image 11 - main bedroom, bed, bedside tables

This is the most recent room to be redecorated, with nice new bed linning and cushions etc


main bedroom, bed, bedside tables

Image 12 - habitat chair

Well, for once my luck changed, i never win anything!,I won the £50 habitat vouchers on here and finally got to spend them today. My georgous bears have always needed somewhere to sit in the bedroom so i got them a chair, i think they look much happier.


habitat chair

Image 13 - habitat stool

We have a chair in our computer room, but often there is my husband and myself in there and im often left to sit on the floor!, we spent £33 of the habitat voucher on this stool


habitat stool

Image 14 - habitat bear

I had a couple of £ left to spend on my voucher and picked up 'Mr Smile'.I managed to spend the entire £50 voucher+£1 only!!


habitat bear

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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


mrsR, 2010-03-23

Lovely home, very spacious! Like the garden as well:-)


Petra, 2010-01-12

hahaha, I bet it's even carpets in the bathrooms!:-)

cat responded 2010-01-12:

Oh yes, loverly brown and orange swirly carpets in the bathrooms the hallways name it, all so old theyre are nearly threadbare. The lounge has the longest orange shagpile carpet ive ever seen, i dont know whether to hoover it or mow it!.


Petra, 2010-01-12

70s style is really hot at the moment so good luck with the move!!:-) Don't forget to take before and after pics, always nice to have:-)

cat responded 2010-01-12:

ah you wouldnt say that if you saw the bathrooms and the kitchen there!, plus the carpets, it all looks truely horrendous!. Ive taken the before pics, the afters might take some time i think!!!


Petra, 2010-01-11

great kitchen, love the contrast of glossy black and birch!

cat responded 2010-01-11:

thankyou!. we're actually moving in the next couple of weeks, renting this house out. we have bought a larger house, nicer views, but its stuck in a 1970s time warp, so much work to do there!, are we mad?!!


Rokoko20, 2009-10-11

Fabulous kitchen! And garden too.


Smith80, 2009-09-04

great outdoor space!


lollipop, 2009-07-29

Fantastic kitchen!


Smith80, 2009-07-12

great kitchen, the red wall works really well with the rest.

cat responded 2009-07-12:

thankyou very much!, the kitchen is probably the newest past of the house


Jennie, 2009-07-03

Well your door stoppers made me laugh!!:-))

cat responded 2009-07-03:

i love items like this, my tastes in homeware have really started to change this year, im starting to go towards cottage'y homely styles (i must be getting old), im waiting to move so i can start a new house in a new style.


Sallydiy, 2009-07-01

Amazing home! I used to be into contemporary design as well, loved Kirstie Allsopp's programme! I think she's the queen of "shabby chic"!:-))

cat responded 2009-07-01:

im glad im not the only one!, her program has completely changed how i want the house to look, will have to wait to move house now & start all over again as its too late to do it to this house now we have made it contempoary!

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