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Setting up Home

I Created by walesathome, 2009-05-19


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Album description:

We're about to get the builders in but this is how we've made our 'home' for now...I've realised it's not all about being brand new, but rather creating a loving home!

Image 1 - office space, work, desk, open shelving

Office area meets make-shift kitchen storage - open plan living at it's best!


office space, work, desk, open shelving

Image 2 - desk, office, office chairs

somewhere quiet to work


desk, office, office chairs

Image 3 - dining table, maui chairs

Dining room with maui chairs and a table, 150 years old!


dining table, maui chairs

Image 4

Open storage whilst we wait for a new kitchen


Image 5

collections of things


Image 6

vintage candle sticks


Image 7

work at home


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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


alissaloves, 2009-12-10

that seems like the perfect place to get some work done without getting stressed!!


Smith80, 2009-05-24

I love your kitchen table and the modern chairs looks great!

walesathome responded 2009-05-24:

Thanks! Kitchen table is 150 years old and 'given' to me by a customer whilst I was working for a designer furniture store. I'd sold her a rather lovely designer table and she practically paid me to take this away for her! But we love it!

Smith80 responded 2009-05-31:

Well it's a beautiful table and getting it for free - even better!:-)


arvid, 2009-05-19

Great work place you got.And the rest as well...want to see more photos:)

walesathome responded 2009-05-19:

Sorry! Rest of the house is a 60's shack waiting for a complete overhaul...this is my only semi-stylish part of the house...check out the mood board that is building up behind the kitchen table! Watch this space though...


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