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White Mosaic Bathroom

I Created by Wallstory, 2009-05-09


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Album updated 2009-05-10

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Album description:

In finally got around to tiling my bathroom, but with a very tight budget, I could only afford those really cheap white tiles. I decided to create a simple mosaic to jazz the whole thing up a bit. The total cost for tiles, and adhesive and grout was approx 70 Euros.
The walls are really bumpy and uneven, so the small tile pieces covered the bumps nicely and creates a play of light on the different angles.

Image 1


Image 2

White bathroom tiles mosaic


Image 3 - mosaic, simple mosaic

Long side of the bath


mosaic, simple mosaic

Image 4 - easy mosaic idea

White bathroom tiles mosaic


easy mosaic idea

Image 5

Close up on tap end of bath


Image 6

Close up of mosaic section


Image 7

I 'splashed out' (excuse the pun)on the silver edge tiles along the top. They were nearly 2 euros each.


Image 8 - bathroom mosaic, white tiled backsplash

Mosaic either side of the bathroom mirror, which incidently will be receiving some TLC


bathroom mosaic, white tiled backsplash

Image 9 - budget tiling, budget tile idea

Mosaic above the toilet


budget tiling, budget tile idea

Image 10 - white bathroom tiles mosaic

The whole bath showing the faux marbled effect I did on the bath panels a few years ago. Not sure I like it anymore. Perhaps once the wall are painted it'll tie in better.


white bathroom tiles mosaic

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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


cat, 2009-08-22

i would never have thought of doing that!.brilliant.


walesathome, 2009-05-19

A great alternative to the mosaics you see everywhere...really like it!


Anna, 2009-05-10

Very creative and it looks very nice! We got blue mosaic mixed with white tiles but I never thought of mosaic from simple tiles - thanks for the tips!


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