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Living Room colour dilemma

I Created by CavaKate, 2010-12-26


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Album updated 2011-01-05

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This is a help-me-album! Please help out with your thoughts and recommendations on the interior decoration issue.

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We were recently on ITV's house gift as the Christmas special. Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen said he wanted to inject some colour into our home but we chose a wooden chest of drawers which we loved but which definitely didn't bring colour in! But we agree that our living room needs an injection of colour and we have no idea what colours. As I said on the programme, I love jewel colours but I'm not sure how they will go with the magnolia walls and brown leather sofas. We don't have time to redecorate with our one year old son taking up all of our spare time and the fact we both work in very stressful jobs and there is no money for new sofas. So we're thinking that instead we'll buy a new rug, new cushions and new curtains and introduce colour in the textiles but we have no idea where to start and whether jewel colours will look good and if they wouldn't, what colours would look good. Any advice, inspiration, photos would be appreciated.

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living room, livingroom, modern

Image 1

Our 'antique brown' Next leather sofas and our very uninspiring roller blinds which we put up in a rush last year just days after we moved in and days before our son was born


Image 2

The dining end of our living room, african art


Image 3

View from lounge from open plan kitchen, very neutral curtains


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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


WecknerDesign, 2011-01-05

Hi Cavakate,
I think a bit of colour injection would really light up your living room. A Turquoise, dark orange (almost red), green or even dark pink or red would be nice with the brown sofa.
I would quite like to add a piece of furniture with a bit of colour maybe a vintage suitcase coffee table with bright coloured legs (don’t have a good picture of one with colourful legs)[]=tags&includes[]=title I prefer a leather suitcase Or maybe just a normal coffee table in a nice colour or a colourful sideboard to put the TV on.
Or a large fabric on a wall would be nice maybe Josef Frank style Josef Frank fabrics are quite expensive though, Marimekko also has nice colourful fabrics One of my favourites is a Swedish Designed fabric The Hunt designed by Ulla Bodin which I use a lot the blue background will bring out the brown in your sofa nicely.
Good luck,


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