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I Created by Bakewell, 2010-09-12


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Album updated 2010-09-28

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Album description:

'L' shaped kitchen with a run of units on ther own moved them to the opposite wall which gave a free space to turn into a new dining nook
Cost: so far only our time everything used we already had
Plan to change the kitchen units to white asap but having the back door changed to a window for a turn in the units l want a Belfast sink under the window to look down the garden and the big window changed to French doors....and l want the whole kitchen to be white instead of the cherry and black

Image 1

taking down the units


Image 2

and removing all the black too


Image 3

space the units are to go on the opposite wall
sink will eventually be moved to under the window where the back door is now


Image 4

battens up


Image 5

units up


Image 6

doors back on.....and all in 8 hours!!
next day l used some bead board wallpaper to remove more of the black splash backs


Image 7

now have a free space big enough to use as a dining room!


Image 8

added the shelf and mirror after filling and painting the walls white
Tried chairs....may be when the French doors are in?


Image 9

tried the low units..mmm not right


Image 10

table and chairs it was and all in 8 hours and no cost so far


Image 11

Next day tried some red bits and pieces...mmmm ok


Image 12

then l recovered the chairs in Cath Kidston style fabric and a look was on its way


Image 13

added pinks and greens and bunting..still not right though


Image 14

more green.....still not right


Image 15

used two different fabrics for the chair seats
Still not happy with the total look


Image 16

softened the look and tried the bench we made from a thrown out old bed...liked it


Image 17

Decision made bench it in 4 days we gained a room and changed the look....still no cost only time and effort


Image 18

Collage of details of the 'new room'..gained by re-positioning a run of upper units and removing the extra black worktops


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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


mrsR, 2010-09-28

You are a true inspiration!


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