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I Created by Bakewell, 2010-03-25


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Album updated 2010-05-30

Been in Bakewell 6 weeks now....had new front windows fitted a couple of days back we are trying to update this 70's house they really helped to improve the look of the front also discovered we had a Wisteria at the front too and l've been playing hooky and started to make some African Flower cushions and blanket to go in our bedroom Loving the new house was definitely a good move

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Looking like the move will start on the 12th April...fingers crossed
Lucky enough to have 2 weeks to move and the plan is to decorate a room and then move the furniture in then do another and so on.....OH says l won't be able to wait lol!

Painted furniture photos are of everything we have stripped painted and varnished ready for the move including a rescued pine beadhead we will turn into a bench for the porch...Stripped and started the 1st coat of paint but awaiting a measurement so my attention is on painting the dining chairs for now
Just over 2 weeks to go can't wait to get my hands on Bakewell
UPDATE: Collected the keys on the 12th painted as much as we could white and moved in on the 17th..felt like home straight away we love it so much the sun has been shining every day since the move and the layout of Bakewell is perfect for us l will add pictures as we complete rooms but for now just a few pics of the house so far...still lots of boxes and sorting to do and lots of decisions to make and decorating but that will take months to complete..all white walls for now so we can see what to add and what to change........oh happy days!!

Image 1 - lounge, dining, white.splashes, colour

Been in Bakewell just over a month now and still lots to do but for now this is how it's looking
Dining room and lounge


lounge, dining, white.splashes, colour

Image 2 - wisteria, beauty, colour

OOOPS! moved in before this was really showing any green growth and was quite ugly so almost cut it down
Friend told me she thought it was a Wisteria!!
WOW! Turned into a real beauty!!


wisteria, beauty, colour

Image 3

New windows went in on the 28th May...really chnged the look to the front of the house and gave a cottage look to the rooms inside
At least now we can see through them seals had completely gone!


Image 4 - black, white, bathroom, shower

Need a total re vamp but for now added a shower curtain and towels to make it look a tad better


black, white, bathroom, shower, curtain

Image 5 - bakewell, bench, white, country

The Bakewell bench just before we moved..sits perfectly in the porch now...made to measure lol


bakewell, bench, white, country

Image 6 - african, flower, cushion, blanket

Making a set of African Flower cushions and lap blanket for the bedroom
But it goes real well with one of my collage paintings fact goeas well in a lot of places in the new house!


african, flower, cushion, blanket, collage, painting

Image 7 - friend, bedroom, cosy

Still to be decorated but friend coming so had to make it at least look a tad cosy!!


friend, bedroom, cosy

Image 8 - seating, conservatory, sunny

Conservatory is huge and going to be my craft room as well but the French door end is still a sunny seating area to read or listen to music


seating, conservatory, sunny

Image 9 - craft room, conservatory

The crafty end of the conservatory is still not sorted full of boxes to unpack and books every where waiting for me to sort onto shelves that are not up yet!!


craft room, conservatory

Image 10 - distress, bedhead

The £1 bed head half finished just couldn't wait to see it behind the bed even though it needs making 18" wider at some this space


distress, bedhead

Image 11

Dining table and chairs l painted ready for the move....with a splash of colour
Never used it at the old house but we've eaten every meal at this table since moving in..perfect


Image 12

The conservatory is to become my craft room and a second sunny seating area so loads to do in here a space that will develope a lot and become much tidier as time goes on and l can install wall units to hide the stash lol
The cats love the high window and widow sill all around perfect for snoozing in the sunshine or watching the world go by
They love the house as much as we do


Image 13

New cream black and chrome cooker was delivered yesterday 26th April been using a camping stove for a couple of weeks...breakfast here it comes


Image 14

Painted the fire surround for now and going to cover the back stone plate with wallpaper add a few pebbles maybe
l think one day we will rip it out and replace it but for now doing a make over on it
2 coats and its not covering well...note to self use an undercoat 1st next time!!


Image 15

dining room as we moved in


Image 16

Wallpaper dilemma....OTT or subtle having to live with the black and cherry units for now so looking for something to make the kitchen look ours


Image 17

Loving the pink floral drama queen paper the best so far...l think!


Image 18

Picks up the colours in my favourite rug too


Image 19

and a reasonable price for such a lovely and different paper


Image 20

playing around with red and white for the lounge..middle of painting the fire surround as a stop gap will eventually rip it out


Image 21

Detail of a £1 bed we bought at auction last week plan to make another bench from it


Image 22

Easter laminated mats designs done on polyvore


Image 23

A rescued bedhead to be made into a bench for the porch of Bakewell....needing a measurement so we can build it


Image 24

Almost ready for painting made from bed head next door neighbours were throwing out


Image 25

Candle stick made from one of the turned pieces in a trunk we bought at the auction for £3 the lot


Image 26

All the buys at the auction last week with commission we spend £15 in total with the amazing bed buy @£1!


Image 27

Collage of Bakewell as it is now


Image 28

I cleared a couple of spaces at Bakewell but time consuming!


Image 29

Today's charity shop £10 spend and a couple of cans of enamel paint to paint the lidded pots
Lovely Carved box £1.50 couple of cut glass candle sticks £2.50 glass bowl 69p green hug 69p couple of other things the whole lot came to pence over 10


Image 30

roses and crochet inspiration


Image 31

Bakewells bedroom 2 will probably look very like it looks here..just a transfer of furniture


Image 32

Stairs eventually with be replaced but for now a paint change and porch bench to be added


Image 33

Our orange sofas will move to the conservatory


Image 34

3 inpiration options for the lounge and dining room


Image 35

Pottery Barn cushions...inspiration for the lounge
Bottom left are crocheted paper twist!!
Bottom right plates may try to get an American friend to get for me..wonder if they would survive the trip to UK?
Pottery barn don't ship to UK


Image 36

Master bedroom with en suite will be pale blue silver gold and white with a 6' bed


Image 37

Master bedroom inspiration


Image 38

Bakewell kitchen....may have to wait for changes to this huge kitchen....wanted a white kitchen really!


Image 39

The black TV unit we cut in two and made 2 console tables out of


Image 40

Dining room and fireplace in lounge definite changes to happen here


Image 41

Big red 'EAT' Pottery barn..will make a similar one on the band saw for the dining room


Image 42

Bakewell bathroom black and white changes to be made


Image 43

Another black and white inspiration


Image 44

Bathroom inspiration board


Image 45

The main reason for moving a two story double garage and drive


Image 46

Table chairs butchers trolly and console all had make over...white bottom and sanded and re varnished tops
Not sure if l'll use red and green with the white or pale blue and pink!


Image 47

Blue and white option for the Bakewell kitchen if we can afford to change the kitchen units not totally sure if l want to yet


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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


Charlie, 2010-06-28

What an amazing work you've done with the bench! I love all the colours you've used for the lounge/dining area as well, very clever to just use some table mats to give some more colours to the room.

Bakewell responded 2010-06-28:

Thanks been in 10 weeks now ha a couple of weeks off decorating to take the sunshine in so no new photos and still have boxes to


Petra, 2010-05-05

wow - would love to see more:-), have you decided what wallpaper you will go for? The black and pink one looks amazing.

Bakewell responded 2010-05-06:

Hi a long time crafter l'm in a disaster area right now still fetching boxes of craft stuffs from old house and it's piling up into mountains in my new craft room just now so all decorating decisions on hold hehe...although yep the black and pink is one thats been bought ready to go on the wall of the kitchen
Goodness knows when l will get to pasting it on the walls though!
Chaos reins at Bakewell at the mo


MissJ, 2010-04-20

Great bargains! - £1 for a bed, you can't go wrong with that!:-) The candle stick looks great in white.

Bakewell responded 2010-04-27:

Hi sorry for delay in reply but we moved collected the key on the 12th April spent 4 days painting as much white as poss and then moved in on the 16th still lots to do boxes and bags to unpack and loads more decorating to do but getting there and love the new house
Bed is in position but needs making wider OH says he can do it but more important stuff to do right now and it was a fabulous bargain thanks

MissJ responded 2010-04-28:

The bed head looks great! The fireplace looks much nicer in a lighter colour - I'm amazed how much you've already done:-)


kikki, 2010-03-29

The inspiration pictures are great! The bedroom is my favourite, eclectic I would say with a classic to modern twist. Can't wait to see the "real" pictures:-)

Bakewell responded 2010-03-30:

hehe neither can l Kikki....measuring up a few things today!


Charlie, 2010-03-26

Your just a great inspiration for the rest of us!:-) Can't wait to see photos of your new home when you've put your stamp on it.

Bakewell responded 2010-03-27:

Thanks Charlie


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