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Creative moments from the last 12 months

I Created by Bakewell, 2010-03-07


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Album updated 2010-03-30

Additional Easter decorations

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Album description:

Took early retirement from full time work so now have lots of time to play and l love my colourful crafting...never bored and wow! does the time fly by

Image 1

Laminated Easter Mats


Image 2

Happy Easter blocks


Image 3 - wall art, recycling

Four furry boys live in this house so lots of cat food boxes to turn into some wall art


wall art, recycling

Image 4

Hyperbolic and freeform crochet and recycled paper crafts


Image 5

March 6th Number frame...playing with an idea las night


Image 6

Crochet granny square colour ways for a woolly throw


Image 7

Felt balls for trims and some paper circles for a garland and collage wall art..might even stick them directly onto the wall as a wallpaper!


Image 8

Cushion crochet


Image 9

My 1st Felted bag with optional flower trim


Image 10

Experimental flowers for decoration on cushions


Image 11

Circle and granny square rug


Image 12

Felting experiments for trims and jewellery


Image 13

This is the kitchen in the new house we hope to soon be living in and some of the colour l will probably add


Image 14

Life size dolls l used to make


Image 15

Life size dolls l used to make


Image 16

Crochet ball jewellery


Image 17

Decorative plates for display only..sticky back plastic playtime


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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


catzz, 2010-03-15

The granny rugs are so cute! Want to see more:-))

Bakewell responded 2010-03-16:

Making laptop boards and just delivered a birthday present to a friend so pics to follow of her felted bag with flowers soon
Oh and today we are sanding a table and painting it white ready for the new house move in April and to match the console tables made from the big black TV unit..So lots of new projects soon to be posted

catzz responded 2010-03-16:

Sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing it all!:-))


Charlie, 2010-03-11



Jennie, 2010-03-09

Wonderful things! I get happy just looking at it:-)

Bakewell responded 2010-03-09:

Thanks Jennie....that's lovely to know glad l can spread a bit of happiness


MillaniVillan, 2010-03-07

wow, cool!

Bakewell responded 2010-03-09:

Thanks a full time hobby now used to be my it's fun time for me and friends


mrsR, 2010-03-07

Wow - you're very gifted! I just love the colourful granny square rugs, beautiful!

Bakewell responded 2010-03-09:

Thanks mrsR The Rug was a very popular photo on Flickr and my crochet forum...get lots of stick from friends that say l should still be selling ideas but l'm having too much fun these days lol


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