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I Created by Bakewell, 2010-03-05


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Album updated 2010-03-24

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Album description:

Collages of home for the last 5yr...a 1950's very solid semi in need of an up date when l moved in after my divorce it had a bare patch for a garden so designed and built it in 3 weeks with my new partner over the 1st Easter in the house
Almost all of down stairs has been re plastered and a large conservatory added
bit of a mover of furniture so rooms change depending on the time of year or just because l feel like a change
House had reasonable sized rooms and a fair garden bigger than anything else l looked at...lots of love and DIY later we are about to move to a 3bedroom detached house in Shrewsbury
So starting all over again but with not quite so much to do to this new one

Image 1

going to miss the flowers in my garden oh well have to start all over again in the new place!


Image 2

Country look in the conservatory last summer


Image 3

Collage of flowers over the bed


Image 4

Pink and pale aqua hearts and Cath Kidston


Image 5

Inspiration board for the new house Blue white silver and gold things we already have


Image 6

Red green and white painted furniture
Re-vamped the Kitchen table chairs and butchers trolly ready for the move


Image 7

Try out number frame


Image 8

Portrait of my Mum drawn by my Dad in 1946 when Mum was to hang this in the new house..bedroom maybe with a white and gold and pale blue look


Image 9

Inspiration board pink and aqua country look


Image 10

Another country look inspiration roses and hand crochet


Image 11 - fireplace

Very minimal fireplace for 4yrs felt like a change so we made a peg board shelf/mantle to add a cottage style detail



Image 12 - remodelled furniture

Remodelled TV cabinet into two console tables


remodelled furniture

Image 13 - wall art

Recycled cardboard flower wall art


wall art

Image 14 - chandelier

Antique chandelier for my shed..going to be a great addition to the new house bedroom l think at the mo



Image 15 - fablon, china, decorative

Decorative plates for the new china project with fablon!


fablon, china, decorative

Image 16 - collage, recycling

One of my collage paintings lots of recycled cardboard and wallpapers


collage, recycling

Image 17 - wall stickers, 3d

3D Art and wall stickers


wall stickers, 3d

Image 18 - sheds

His and hers sheds at the bottom of the garden



Image 19 - dining room

Dining room changes over 5 years


dining room

Image 20 - kitchen

Kitchen changes over 5yrs



Image 21 - storage to move furniture around a bit lol



Image 22 - sheds, workshops



sheds, workshops

Image 23 - blue, cream, china, glass

New collection of blue and cream for the new house


blue, cream, china, glass

Image 24 - bedroom

Black and white second bedroom



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This is nothing for me. Don't show this again


kikki, 2010-03-29

More inspiration boards:-) - can't wait to see your new home!

Bakewell responded 2010-03-30:

Thanks Kikki....fingers crossed we should have the keys in 14 days time paint brush and a gallon of white paint at the ready lol


lollipop, 2010-03-23

You got such a great taste and style, really nice home!

Bakewell responded 2010-03-23:

Thank you lollipop....blush!
about to start all over again too with a new home in about 3 weeks time....can't wait

lollipop responded 2010-03-24:

Good luck with the move - would love to see some photos of it once you're settled:-)

Bakewell responded 2010-03-24:

Thanks Lollipop l'm a bit of a snapper so there will be plenty of photos to come..looking like the 12th April to complete on the new house! fingers crosssed


Lori, 2010-03-17

Love your Style and use of colour. Do you make the butterfly pictures to sell? Lori xx

Bakewell responded 2010-03-17:

Hi Lori....not really l could send you the butterfly print to cut out and the frame is just a wall sticker that you can buy lots of places that just sticks to the wall and peals off again easily and the butterflies are just a few minutes to cut crafting for sale days are long gone l just do things for myself and friends birthdays these days lol
Suz x


catzz, 2010-03-15

I'm into black and white so love the plates!

Bakewell responded 2010-03-16:

Easy to make too with a roll of Fablon and a few designs to cut out


Jennie, 2010-03-09

Wonderful, I think I need to bring in more colours to our home:-)

Bakewell responded 2010-03-09:

Hi again....beware it gets addictive colour = happiness lol
Have fun and splash it all around


Ros, 2010-03-05

Wow - your colourful home has put a smile on my face:-)

Bakewell responded 2010-03-06:

Thanks colour been a life times study


mrsR, 2010-03-05

Beautiful home, looking forward to seeing more pics of your new home as well!-)

Bakewell responded 2010-03-06:

Thanks mrsR...bit sad to leave it but we needed more outside space....was the 2 story double garage that sold the new house to us really
OH bought a classic VW Camper so garage and drive was needed although there is more space in the house too so we are both happy
Will add a new album for the new house as soon as we move in and start with the fun playtime..beginning to mid April fingers crossed


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